Frequently Asked Questions

What does second opinion mean?

After your treatment decision in Turkey, the medical reports you send to will be examined by our team and doctors. Then, the best doctors and hospitals/clinics are contacted, to creat the possible treatment options for your case. Depending on the case complexity this process might take from 1-7 days. After getting treatment options including attending doctor, expected treatment period, treatment method and approximate cost, we settle the most suitable treatment program together with you. All this is free of charge.

What are the advantages if I get my treatment done in Turkey?

Most of the hospitals offer higher quality health care to their matches in other countries and you will be able to save a notable amount of money. With current currency rates, it is one of the countries where you can get the most return for your non-medical expenditures, including hotels and leisure..

Turkey is one of the world’s leading developed countries in the health sector, who has the highest number of JCI-certified hospitals (51) out of any country in the world. The country's more than 1,200 public and private hospitals. According to the World Health Tourism Council data, Turkey ranks 4th in the world after the US and Germany for health tourism. It has experienced physicians and health institutions with advanced technological equipments. Medical services are provided consistently 24 hours a day, all over Turkey.

What should I do before the trip?

If possible for identifying the best possible treatment for you, your doctor may need tests before your trip. Blood test, old test results, X-Ray, MR, CT or a medical report, etc.

Can I meet my doctor before my treatment?

After your treatment decision in Turkey we can arrange a meeting with your doctor via email, voicecall or videocall.

Do I have a contact person in need even out of office hours?

Our team is available for the patient’s inquiries 24/7 throughout the treatment process.

Will you make my hospital appointments?

All your appointments will be made by our team and you will be informed about them.

How long will my treatment take?

Every treatment has a different healing process and healing time could be different from person to person. After examining your medical document and reports, our doctor will give you the necessary information to you as soon as possible.

Can you help me for accomodation until my posttreatment control date?

After your initial treatment, our team will help you with your accommodation until your posttreatment control date. Also upon request we can arrange rehabilition clinic where you can accomodate under control of a doctor and dietician till your posttreatment control.

Can you help me with my vacation plan before/after my treatment in Turkey?

There are many different alternatives for your dream holiday in Turkey. Just send your holiday request to our team.

Can you inform my doctor in my country about the process?

Upon your request and confirmation; a detailed medical report about your medical treatment will be prepared and translated in your language and send to your doctor by our team.

*Furthermore, if you have more questions you can send us an email at We will be glad to help.