Many hospitals in Turkey have JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation. Which means that organizations that are accredited with JCI proved that they are well-structured, following patient safety practices, acquired latest technologies and providing the excellent conditions for patiences.

Whilst clinics and hospitals in Turkey are maintaining top notch healthcare service, the cost of this service is less when compared. As a result, Turkey becomes as an outstanding medical travel destination when everything is taken into account.

Both in medical and tourism field, facilities in Turkey are providing high quality service. Over the years many investments have been made on medical field. One can say hospitableness in Turkey is one of the rarest among a few.

Tourism industry is one of the prominent industries of Turkey. Therefore, number of airports, hotels with top quality service, active and well structured transit systems are considerably high. Also, Turkish Airlines providing flights to more than 350 destinations from 188 countries.

Before and during your stay in Turkey you have diverse options regarding accommodation, hospitals/clinics, restaurants, shops, outdoor activities, cultural activites and many more.

During your treatment you will not encounter wait lists. Also a translator speaking in your native language is easy to find.